“Incentivizing Partners and Customers to Adopt the Cloud in 2013”

by Ian Moyse (Channel Management Insights, February 2013) 

Cloud computing continues to be heavily hyped and marketed and you can’t avoid articles, shows, webinars, and seminars on the subject. Love it, hate it, reject it, or embrace it—there is no doubt you have heard, talked, and been aware of it and this will continue as the industry and internet-based solutions (the Cloud) proliferate further. The Cloud is generating much discussion and skepticism and the term is rolled out as if everyone fully understands it, from the end user, to the channel, to each vendor. There remains, however, confusion as to what it really means, where the different offerings (SaaS, PaaS, Iaas, Private Cloud, Public Cloud) fit, and when and where to utilize them. Do all the people involved understand clearly? Ask a customer to explain the above terms, and where and why they might use any of them, and the truth quickly becomes clear…”

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