Intorrent Supercell, Hosted VoIP Smart Solution, Launches on SaaSMAX

Intorrent Supercell is an intuitive Cloud VoIP solution that “steps up” and takes care of everything: installation, top-quality remote support, and billing.

Intorrent Supercell makes it simple for the modern, evolving business to take full advantage of hosted VoIP communications. It boasts robust business features that can be configured, ramped up or dialed down from an easy-to-use Web interface, and is ideal for multi-site businesses that can share features, administration and extensions across offices. Compatible with over 75 VoIP-enabled phones and smart devices, Intorrent gives new life to your existing telecom investment.

Featuring all the essential features businesses crave, and many they don’t even know they’re missing (but soon won’t be able to live without), Intorrent Supercell is economical for businesses of any size, and offers outstanding recurring revenue for resellers and telecom agents. 

To learn more about Intorrent Supercell, visit:

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