Recorded Event: Protect Your MSP & Your Customers with LastPass

As cybercriminals identify MSPs as opportunities and capitalize on the transition to remote work, it’s essential for MSPs to prioritize protecting themselves and their customers from a successful attack.

In this recorded live webinar, SaaSMAX Host Laura Steward (a former MSP CEO herself) conducted a very interesting conversation with LastPass’ Channel Leadership about the current cybersecurity landscape and how identity solutions such as password management, single sign-on, and multi-factor authentication can aid in defending you and your customers from a breach.

Topics covered included:

  • Why cybersecurity should be a priority for all MSPs
  • Surprising access points that may be putting your business at risk
  • How an identity strategy can protect your business and customers

AND the LastPass Channel Team walked our audience through a demo of the new LastPass MSP solution. 

Watch it now.   We encourage you to join the LogMeIn Channel Partner Program and start benefitting from LastPass identity management and its revenue growth opportunities.  

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