“Let The As-a-Service Model Invigorate Your Tired Business”

by Mike Monocello (Business Solutions Magazine, 10/9/2013)

“The definition of invigorate is to revitalize, energize, revive, and enliven. That’s the as-a-service model, isn’t it? That’s what a recurring revenue stream can do for your business. It can revitalize and even revive a struggling company to change from month-to-month or day-to-day financially to being in a position of predictable revenue for planning and growth. It can energize and enliven business owners and employees stuck in a “ho-hum” business model and way of working.

What’s the opposite of invigorate? Tire. That’s the break/fix model, isn’t it? Tired. Trying to make a living on the that model just gets more and more difficult. The break/fix model of yesterday barely works today, and won’t work tomorrow.

VARs we’ve interviewed that have embraced services and recurring revenue streams haven’t looked back. In this issue, you’ll find an article on Chris Rumpf, a restaurant IT VAR who embraced services because his business was failing. “Instead of automating business processes to reduce costs for ourselves and our customers, we just kept raising our prices because we never seemed to make enough profit margins,” he says. Sound familiar?…”

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