Make Your Company’s Website Mobile-Friendly with SquareHook – Now Available On SaaSMAX

Bring in more mobile customers to your business at a lower cost. 

In today’s world it is crucial for your business to reach customers who are using a variety of electronic devices to surf the web and make purchases. Without proper formatting your company’s website might not be accessible to potential customers who are using their phones or other mobile electronic devices to get online. SquareHook’s web based software application makes it easy for our customers to create mobile friendly websites.  We combine technologies like Twitter Bootstrap with a drag and drop editor to format the HTML of the user pages.  This results in high quality, mobile friendly websites. SquareHook’s website builder allows users to create their web pages without knowledge of HTML, and natively supports a number of advanced functions without requiring plugins or a complicated configuration.      

If you are a small business owner you may have attempted to build a website for your business using WordPress or Wix without much success.  Or maybe you spent $4,000-$15,000 on a custom website from a design firm.  Then you may have discovered that you needed to spend even more in ongoing maintenance costs for your website because of complicated HTML injected into the page editors for each page.

Our web market research revealed a clear trend toward increased use of mobile devices for web search.  With the pervasiveness of smart phones and tablets, over half of internet searches are now occurring on mobile devices.  For service and local businesses those numbers are even higher. In addition to growing search volumes, analytic data from the certain industries show that nine out of ten consumers on mobile devices transact within twenty-four hours. Smartphone users are 14% more likely to purchase in the store, and about 83% of respondents said they search for local retailers on their mobile device before purchasing in the store.  

SquareHook is ideal for small to medium-sized business. If you are interested in having great website features like a blog, configurable forms, and integration with PayPal for service related products then consider Us.  If you enjoy easy editing and maintenance of your website then consider Us. We have helped small businesses in a variety of fields, including self-defense, beauty shops, IT outsourcing, and clean energy startups.

SquareHook also makes your company’s website look great on mobile devices using the extremely popular platform of Twitter Bootstrap. The page editor is simple so you can customize your page to look just right for your business.  We’ve added features like text and images, video, maps and carousels. YouTube and Vimeo videos look great on mobile devices.

SquareHook focuses on mobile. Most platforms have been around for a while and only partially support mobile but our platform is built around the idea that the mobile website is the important website.  In today’s on-the-go society this is increasingly evident.  

For more information about SquareHook, including pricing, features, functionality, Reseller SPIFFs /offers and more, check out their SaaSMAX Profile.

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