mobully Introduces WaitApp to SaaSMAX

The App
WaitApp makes it easy and affordable for restaurants to manage their wait lists and reservations using two-way text messaging (SMS).  The host types in the guest’s name, party size, preferences and phone number into the web-based application that tracks walk-in and reservation guests in a single list.  The host then texts the guest when their table is ready and automatically sends reminder if the guest fails to claim their table or reservation promptly.  Guests can text back anytime to ask questions, drop from the list, modify party size, etc.
The Benefits
WaitApp saves restaurants hundreds of dollars per month over the expense of replacing guest pagers while opting-in guests to targeted retention and loyalty mobile marketing programs.  Restaurants will build an incredibly valuable customer database that can track data such as how often you come in, times of day, days of week, time since last visit and how often you’ve no showed. WaitApp is ideal for family casual restaurants that do not take reservations or are less reservation driven. In addition, it provides text messaging at the best possible pricing, giving it both a cost and performance advantage over competitors.
The Technology
WaitApp is built on top of a patented text-messaging platform that uniquely provides natural language, two-way SMS for every restaurant in North America.  Other systems are limited to one-way alerts but consumers have an expectation if they receive a text message they should be able to reply to get updates, confirm or modify reservation and ask questions without the hassle of looking up the restaurant’s phone number, calling, dealing with IVR and voice mail.
The Future
According to mobully executives, “we feel Service Providers already selling into the restaurant and hospitality space will be able to quickly learn the system and be able to easily demonstrate to their clients using any laptop or tablet…Our goal is a national network of Service Providers that can expose WaitApp to nearly every restaurant in North America.”
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