Using Data for Channel Partner Recruitment and Build Better Partner Programs &

Revenue & Associate’s Louis Gudema interviews SaaSMAX founder and CEO Dina Moskowitz, to talk about how they provide unique insights to channel programs, such as data-driven partner discovery and profiling of your partners to improve activation and strategic direction.   They help companies recruit the right partners as well as optimize their channel programs. 
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Podcast with SaaSMAX CEO Dina Moskowitz

Transcript Excerpts:

“There is really no other solution we’ve come across except for manual research, that helps a channel team to very quickly and rapidly and quantitatively look at who their ideal partners of the future are.”  -Dina Moskowitz

Announcer: Welcome to the Software Channel Partner Podcast where you’ll hear leaders of partner programs talk about their greatest challenges and most successful solutions. And now your host, Louis Gudema, the president of revenue & associates.

Louis Gudema:    Welcome to the Software Channel Partner Podcast where we talk with leaders in software partner programs to learn about what’s working today. I’m Louis Gudema, the president of revenue & associates where we help companies grow faster by helping the channel partners market better and grow faster. Today I’m talking with Dina Moskowitz, founder and CEO of SaaSMAX. Among her many awards Dina has been recognized by CRN as one of the top woman in the channel, is a recipient of the 2017 Cloud Girls Trailblazer award, and serves on the CompTIA Business Application Advisory Council. Her company SaaSMAX is a born in the cloud firm that won a 2017 Gartner Cool-vendor in SaaS recognition. Dina, welcome to the podcast.

To hear more, visit the Revenue & Associates Podcast with SaaSMAX CEO Dina Moskowitz.

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