“To Recruit Partners More Effectively, Develop Ideal Reseller Personas First”

SaaSMAX, a channel-focused services provider, has been sharing insights into the process of more effectively and efficiently building channel ecosystems by developing robust ideal reseller personas. In a series of webcasts, the company has shared detailed instruction on the criteria to include in a partner persona and recommendations on how to find and contact appropriate resellers more efficiently.

Channel experts are advocating that vendors be more selective in assembling their channel ecosystems. During the virtual SiriusDecisions Summit 2020, attendees were advised to profile data from partners regarding their go-to-market strategies, resources and capabilities. Last summer, Forrester recommended that channel leaders should apply much more discipline to their partner recruitment and selection practices.

The need for what Forrester dubbed partner-based marketing (PBM) can be attributed to two significant trends. First, today’s empowered B2B customers demand a new level of specialization and sophistication from third-party firms that assist them. Second, the emergence of nontraditional partnerships and alliances that serve business buyers have made it much more difficult for channel leaders to find and recruit the right partners.

Without a doubt, the information that constitutes a meaningful ideal reseller persona is not trivial, stressed said Clinton Gatewood, SaasMAX’s vice president and channel chief, in a recent webinar. Channel leaders need to determine with more specificity the partner types they need and what solutions, services and products those partners should sell.


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To Recruit Partners More Effectively, Develop Ideal Reseller Personas First

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