SaasMAX CEO, Dina Moskowitz Joins Hera Hub San Diego Startup Week Panel


Originally published by Hera Hub

Earlier this month, Hera Hub was honored to take part in San Diego Startup Week by hosting its Female Funders and Founders panel. Cohosted by Athena San Diego, the event showcased five incredible female panelists sharing their stories, the highs and lows, of how women are getting into the equity game and why, with females starting businesses at twice the rate as men, it is time to take notice.


Kim Folsom, CEO of Fund Athena | www.fundathena.com
Fund Athena is the world’s first SEC RegA+ marketplace for main street investors to invest growth funds in businesses run by gender diverse management teams.

Silvia Mah, PhD, Founder of Hera LABS & Hera Fund | www.Hera-LABS.com
Hera LABS is San Diego’s only female-focused accelerator and Hera Fund organizes events and education to inspire more women to become angel investors.

Dina Moskowitz, CEO of SaaSMAX | www.SaaSMAX.com
SaaSMAX is the enterprise SaaS and Cloud App Marketplace Platform and Concierge Service focused on accelerating your success by pro-actively matching quality SaaS Vendors with established Resellers and interested Buyers, and by providing product awareness, product education and reseller program expertise and processes to the business cloud software ecosystem.

Samantha Urban, CEO, Urban Translations | www.urban-translations.com
Urban Translations brings the hospitality industry into a new era of efficiency, customer service, and profitability.

Elizabeth M. Wilson, Managing Partner at Seed GC | www.seedgc.com
Seed GC provides strategic legal counsel to entrepreneurs, start-ups and investors.

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