SaaSMAX Channel Tip #3: The Key to Reseller Engagement


Here’s another strategic tip from the SaaSMAX Channel Marketing Team:

The Key to Reseller Engagement

Would you hire a full-time sales person and then never meet with them? Would you setup a Regional Office and then never coordinate & help? Please don’t do that to your Reseller Partners.

Here are some important tips to engage with your Resellers:

– NEVER leave a meeting with a Reseller Partner without setting up the next meeting.
– In an initial welcome/acceptance phone call – invite the new partner to an orientation webinar and schedule a marketing/kick-off meeting.
– At the end of the marketing/kick-off meeting, schedule the marketing execution meeting.
– Each month follow a marketing execution schedule.
– Setup quarterly reviews and plan of action meetings.
– Meet with your partners once a month. This maintains and builds personal relationships.
– Help them run their monthly marketing promotions.

SaaSMAX Channel CMO – Ted “Chanimal” Finch

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out any time!

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