’s Business Model Featured in New Book on SaaS Entrepreneurs announces the release of a new book by SaaS University Founder and Softletter Report’s CEO Merrill (Rick) Chapman.

Titled, “SaaS Entrepreneur: The Definitive Guide to Succeeding in Your Cloud Application Business,” each chapter of the book contains detailed descriptions of the specific operational issues and challenges facing SaaS entrepreneurs, as well as applicable case studies.’s channel management and marketplace business model are featured in Rick’s latest work, which is sure to become the “go to” book on SaaS. Actual events and challenges are used to inform and educate readers about what SaaS companies face in today’s rough and tumble marketplace. He provides measurable and actionable data for business process SaaS Vendors.

Rick has been a friend to and for two years now. Rick has worked or consulted for such industry pioneers as MicroPro (WordStar) and consulted for IBM, Sun, Novell and many others.

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