SaaSMAX Debuts a Multitude of Channel-Friendly SaaS & Cloud Software Solutions at 2018 Channel Partners Conference & Expo

SaaSMAX will debut at this year’s Channel Partners Conference & Expo this week, six of its newest innovative Channel-friendly SaaS/Cloud vendors that have joined its catalog. They are: Foresite, Papertracer, SimpleTek, TransNexus, V2Cloud, and Versive.

In addition, a multitude of interesting SaaS and Cloud solutions have been added to the SaaSMAX Marketplace catalog during Q1 2018. This is due in part to the roll-out of the company’s next-gen commerce platform, comprising channel management tools such as one-stop lead registration and vendor/reseller contract execution and management.  The company is also set to add real-time SaaS web stores for Solution Providers to market and perform transactions with their customers.

“During the past year, we’ve been fine-tuning our SaaS Channel team, our partner intelligence tools and our SaaS commerce platform such that we’re really driving revenue and efficiencies for both partners and vendors,” said Dina Moskowitz, Founder and CEO, SaaSMAX.  It’s a very powerful business model, and it’s a very exciting time in our growth curve.  We invite Solution Providers and Agents to visit us at our booth to discuss how our SaaS Channel Strategists can help them select channel-friendly products that will provide great new sales and growth opportunities.”

See below for more information on the six companies that have recently joined the SaaSMAX platform and will be exhibiting with the company at its Expo Booth #6078:

Foresite: Cyber threats are rising in number and consequence every day, crippling operations and imperiling businesses. How do you protect your critical IT assets, or help your clients with this challenge—with vigilance, knowledge, persistence, experience—and Foresite. The company’s SaaSMAX Reseller program provides full access to resell any and all of Foresite’s cybersecurity and compliance services to your clients within 24 hours.

PaperTracer is a secure cloud-based document and business process management solution. It’s designed to automate business processes by integrating paper and digital documents into a centralized database. The solution provides an end-to-end workflow solution, unlimited e-signatures, powerful search, and customized workflows based on best practices. PaperTracer has prebuilt templates for the most common use cases, such as contract management, document management, employee onboarding, policy & case management, asset management, etc. As a SaaSMAX partner, you’ll be able to take advantage of PaperTracer’s reseller model, earn up to 20% commission, and receive a free internal use subscription to automate and improve your business process.

SimpleTek: The world’s only automated system that uses software to audit your entire company’s mobile, data and cloud communications services to pinpoint EXACTLY how to save thousands each month (averages 31% savings…and reduces manpower drain). Ensures you have the correct plan, not paying for unused lines, billed correctly, and Enterprise level expense management virtually eliminating the time and hassles of invoice processing.  PLUS, with integration of inventories, vendor details, contracts and automation of ordering and projects administration is simple and hassle-free. SimpleTek provides a superior partner program for Resellers, Agents, Wholesale, and affiliates, with white label capabilities.

TransNexus: TransNexus is a pioneering software development company specializing in software applications that help enterprises and telecommunication service providers around the world manage and protect their telephone networks. Our latest software product is ClearIP, a cloud-based solution that provides the fastest, easiest and most precise prevention of telecom fraud and robocalls available. TransNexus has a fully-built out partner program for affiliates, resellers, wholesalers and white label partners who wish to sell ClearIP to their customers.

V2Cloud: V2 Cloud is a Cloud Workspace app designed to allow businesses the ability to virtualize and host their internal servers and desktops in a single location. Their workspace solutions are offered in both Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 flavors. Primarily targeting software vendors and SMBs, including accounting, engineering, insurance, medical practices, consulting, financial and law firms, V2 Cloud’s solution is based on accessibility and ease-of-use. Businesses can add up to 250 users per Cloud Workspace and access the workspace from any location and any device, allowing users to share files and applications with others on the same workspace. V2 Cloud offers Referral, Authorized Reseller and MSP partner programs.

Versive: Built on the open source frameworks of Spark and Hadoop, Versive Security Engine (VSE) is a software-only solution that scales to fit the size of your environment and does not require any proprietary “black box” hardware. Utilizing data streams that the customer authorizes, controls, and retains, VSE is the critical missing piece in a company’s security portfolio, providing continuous situational awareness inside your network. It acts as your last line of defense, detecting internal and external adversaries regardless of what new tools, tactics, or exploits they use. VSE is ideal for any MSP, MSSP or VAR looking to add advanced threat hunting to their suites of services.


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