How SaaSMAX is Helping Channel Teams with Data-Driven Channel Insights

The IT & Technology Channel is ripe for transformation.  Channel teams are still doing partner identification, recruitment, segmentation, engagement, and activation using old-school, expensive, inefficient methodologies.

That doesn’t have to be the case any longer.  Transformative channel growth is now possible with SaaSMAX’s unique blend of: 

  • Indirect sales channel expertise
  • Data analytics
  • Data science
  • Data mining
  • Artificial intelligence 

Transformation for channel teams is now possible.  Our growing database of freshly profiled channel partners already exceeds 120,000.

SaaSMAX makes it simple for SaaS/XaaS and Cloud vendors to partner with resellers to drive smarter partnership decisions, and thus enjoy net new, recurring, predictable revenue streams.

Partner Optimizer Solves Problems Like …

  • How can I accelerate my channel partner program performance?
  • How do we find and recruit more targeted partners (or more of “the “right” partners?)
  • How do we create/develop an ideal partner characteristics profile? 
  • Is my existing “successful partner” the same as what I need for my “partners of the future”?
  • How can I activate my partners better?
  • Which of my existing non-performing partners should I focus on?
  • Who are my partners, or a set of partners I just inherited?  Do they fall into segments?
  • How can I go about segmenting my partner base?
  • How can I keep partner data fresh and accurate?
  • How can I have better conversations with partners?

Learn more about SaaSMAX Data-Driven Channel Insights for Partner Discovery, Recruitment, Segmentation and Activation.

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