Special Feature Podcast with Qotient CEO – Gain insight and real time understanding of your channels pipeline quality and revenue health

We have all been there. Wondering when the sales are going to increase, why the channel is not moving faster or how come customers are not knocking the door down for product. It is rare when someone has their fingers on the pulse of the channel – until now. Justin Wright, CEO at Qotient, explains to Don Witt of The Channel Daily News, a TR publication, how the Qotient SaaS application can transform a go to market strategy by enabling channel operations to drive partner sales engagement.

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Justin Wright

The best part about this is that the sales staff in the channel embrace the new program! Sale staff are excited about the challenge and quickly learn, based on gamification of the process with Vendor Leaders, Channel Managers and Sales Leaders providing product visibility, data for making better decisions and the ability to engage the most productive partners.

From day one, the Qotient team was focused on addressing one challenge: How to make channel sales more efficient, easier to manage and more profitable.

The company has since expanded from a small New Zealand based team to a global operation with headquarters in San Jose and a client list including household names such as Toshiba and Sharp. However, the mission is still the same: Empowering Channel Sales Champions.

For more information, go to: https://www.qotient.com/platform/technology

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