Top Challenges for SMBs and Midmarket Businesses in 2019

The IT market is rapidly changing as business goals and needs shift and evolve. A report recently  published by Techaisle details many of the changes within the IT industry.

Here are some of the top challenges businesses face in 2019, according to Techaisle:

IT Spending Has Grown Rapidly

Techaisle states that global IT spending for SMBs and Midmarket businesses is expected to reach $665 billion, with cloud spending expected to reach $115 billion. This has increased from previous years.

IT Priorities are Changing

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the report is how IT priorities have changed since 2018. Namely, the IT market’s love affair with VR/AR and IoT has seemingly faded, as they both fell from their top 10 priority spots. They were replaced by Voice/Digital Assistants.

IT Businesses Still Aren’t Embracing Data

Despite the numerous and obvious benefits of a data-driven culture, many IT companies still aren’t embracing it. In fact, according to Techaisle’s report, only 11% of SMBs and 29% of midmarket firms utilize data-driven procedures.

To read the full report on Techaisle, click here.


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