Why Digital Transformation Can Challenge the SMB Buying Journey

According to analyst firm Techaisle, survey data shows that digital transformation is becoming more prominent in executive-oriented IT discussions. However, the survey also notes how enticing the SMB and midmarket IT and non-IT buyer may pose to be a challenge. Consider these statistics from Techaisle surveys:

  • 72% of SMB IT purchases are triggered by an acute business pain point & number of pain points are increasing
  • 52% of SMBs are facing 5+ business challenges
  • SMB IT Purchase Decision Making Unit (DMU) has grown by 250% over the last decade
  • Average of 5.2 decision makers are involved in technology purchase decisions in midmarket firms & 2.1 in small businesses
  • 43% of IT buyers are millennials

Click here to learn more about the challenges of digital transformation and to read the full survey results on the Techaisle web site.

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