WiseSaaS of the Week: ELOoffice



With ELOoffice, small-to medium-sized businesses have an affordable and simple way to migrate from paper-based document management to accurate and real-time digital data. Documents are easily managed in a structured manner based on customers or transactions, then stored in digital folders. The ELO QuickScan mobile app captures documents and transfers them directly to ELOoffice.

Target Customers

ELO primarily targets small-to medium-sized businesses, freelancers, and single-workstation users across a range of industries. These industries include automotive and transportation, banking and finance, business and management services, construction, consumer products, energy, insurance, legal, retail, and pharmaceutical.

Reseller Program

ELOoffice offers affiliate, wholesale and commission-based models. To find out more about their lucrative reseller program, check out ELO’s Marketplace profile.

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