WiseSaaS of the Week — Foresite


An overview of Foresite

Foresite is a cybersecurity and compliance firm that focuses on helping their clients identify potential security gaps and implement compliancy programs while providing continuous threat and breach monitoring.

Foresite offers a wide range of managed security and cyber compliance services, including constant security alerts, incident response and vulnerability assessment among others.

A great element of Foresite’s services is their ability to provide intelligent incident response. By using a team of experienced incident handlers, Foresite can identify and stop an attack in its tracks before it begins. Additionally, in the event of a breach getting through, Foresite works with their clients to control and minimize the extent of the damage.

Target Customers

Foresite works well with any company that stores and transmits valuable, confidential data. Any company handling financial, health or personal data will benefit from their services. Additionally, they also target businesses that need to adhere to compliances including HIPAA, PCI, NIST and CJIS.

Reseller Program

Foresite utilizes both a Wholesale model and a White Label model. In partnership with SaaSMAX, they are giving a 20% discount off their Wholesale model for cyber testing and compliance consulting. Additionally, they’re offering a 30% discount for MSSP.

The Benefits

One of the greatest benefits of Foresite for partners is their ability to offer constant security monitoring for clients. The digital landscape is constantly expanding and having excellent cybersecurity measures and compliances are crucial for businesses now more than ever. So much so, in fact, that many are overwhelmed with the prospect of finding competent security staff. Foresite eliminates this issue to help create a strong security blanket and give businesses peace of mind.

Check out Foresite’s marketplace profile and contact your SaaS Channel Strategist for more information about their reseller program.

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