Worldwide SaaS Spikes as Adoption Shifts…

Worldwide SaaS spikes as adoption shifts from extending software to rip and replace

Summary: Nearly three-quarters of companies have started using SaaS in the past three years, a global survey has found.
By Nick Heath | November 28, 2012 —

Business have dramatically increased their use of software as a service (SaaS) over the past three years, according to a global survey.   Nearly three quarters (71 percent) of the 399 organisations surveyed by Gartner have started using SaaS since 2009.

Individual businesses are making greater use of SaaS, Gartner said, with adoption patterns shifting from using SaaS as a way to extend on-premise applications to replacing applications with cloud alternatives.

Reasons for deploying SaaS vary worldwide. Asia-Pacific companies are deploying SaaS to access applications for the first time, while there is a growing trend for businesses in the US and EMEA to use SaaS to replace legacy applications.
Supply chain management, web conferencing, and social software suites were the most common services chosen by companies replacing on-premise systems. Customer relationship management and enterprise content management systems were the most common service used for new deployments.

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