XLENZA: Integrated Set of Tools for Business Excellence – HR & Performance Management

50% Product Discount & 20% Commissions on Recurring Revenue to SaaSMAX Resellers

Xlenza helps organizations execute effectively through informed decision making. The performance stream provides tools to plan, monitor and review work objectives of employees while the project stream helps in effective and efficient execution of projects. Xlenza takes an integrated approach to management by correlating information from these two streams which sets it apart from its competition. Offered as a cloud based solution on Microsoft Windows Azure, customers enjoy all the benefits of such an advanced platform.

Xlenza targets medium enterprises where the average ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) is USD 50,000 or more. Channel partners can choose between reseller
(discount ranging from 37.5% to 62.5%) and referral (commission from 16% to 24% on ARR) options.

Visit their profile on the SaaSMAX Marketplace.

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