ZilicusPM is Available in the SaaSMAX Marketplace

App Summary:
ZilicusPM is a quick and easy project management software that gives you the power of cloud-based project planning and real-time tracking. This comprehensive solution improves collaboration and coordination among team members. Security and accessibility are key features. Clients can access projects from anywhere, 24/7.

ZilicusPM enables clients to invite external partners to view certain aspects of a project’s progress. Partners can be updated quickly & transparently, but Project Managers can still control the level of access; the “Project Organogram” lets clients build organization, manage access and control project views. Other tools include: an inter-dependent tasks manager, Gantt chart, calendar views, issue tracker, and risk tracker.

The result is quicker discovery and resolution of pitfalls, throughout a project’s lifecycle. Clients in any industry, for-profit and non-profit, will see reduced uncertainty in project outcomes.

For More Information:
visit https://app.saasmax.com/marketplace/apps/zilicus-project-management

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